Here's Why
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Check out these resources to see if there are any your group would like to use. And be sure to share any ideas you have found to be useful.

Reinvent Your Sabbath School:
Discover How Exhilarating
a Ministry-driven Class Can Be!
by Chris and Yolanda Blake

Companion Video Kit
from the Center for Creative Ministry

This is a great new how-to book by members of the original SomethingElse Sabbath School class at the college church in Lincoln, Nebraska. An accompanying video is also available which includes segments of actual class time as well as questions and answers.

Ministry Ideas
Here are some ministry ideas that others are using. Be sure to share your ideas as well.

Ministry How To
Some ways to implement ministry ideas

Outreach Idea Links

Quarterly Lesson Topics [NEW!!!]
Scripture-based study plans that have been used by the SomethingElse Sabbath School in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Center for Creative Ministry
A para-church ministry with many resources to empower ministry-driven groups.

Sharing Scripture
The Center's resource for thoughtful study and discussion of the Sabbath School lesson.

Contemporary Comments
Weekly comments on the Sabbath School lesson.

The Sabbath School Network
Study & participation resources

The Ellen G White Estate
Online books by Ellen White and search her writings

Sabbath School Leadership magazine

PlusLine Adult Sabbath School

Seventh-day Adventist Church

Books for learning and sharing
Books with ministry ideas and books for sharing with friends who are searching.

If you are aware of other resources, please let us know so they can be added to this list.


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